Stand Up and Speak Out for Bullying


Bullying is when someone hurts another verbally, emotionally, or mentally repeatedly. Bullying is also a serious problem. Another form of bullying is Cyber bullying.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is when someone bullies another using cyber space. Cyber space is the internet, phones, email, AIM, Facebook, and other electronics.

Who does it affect

Bullying affects everyone even the bully. Bullying can affect anyone in many ways and especially the victim. Bullying can cause the victim to skip school and sometimes commit suicide. It affects the victim's social life, and their self-esteem. Bullying affects the bully because it makes him or her think they have the power to control others and they think they can hurt anyone they want.

What should you do?

When you see someone being bullied, what should you do? Most people think that they should just walk away and leave it alone, but the truth is is that you should help. Don't just walk away, go help! If there is a teacher near, go ask them to help or just walk up to the bully and kindly ask them to stop. If you are the one being bullied, you can do the same thing. You should tell an adult or ask the bully to stop bullying you.