Stand Up and Speak Out for Bullying

Solution 1: Handout for Incoming Sixth Graders

This would be a handout that future sixth graders would receive when the started sixth grade. They would receive it at the beginning of the year with  their schedules. With this policy students will learn how to act with bullying, how to stop it, and why it should be stopped. The first step Elm Place needs to do this would be to actually do the handout. The second step for Elm Place to take would be to check the handout to see if it includes everything about bullying. The third and last step would be to print the handout for every incoming student. These are the three steps Elm Place will have to do to achieve this goal. The total cost for this goal will probably be fifty dollars or some where around this amount. This is because Elm Place will have to pay for the ink that will be needed to print the handouts. This solution is not violating any class policies or laws. This is a legal thing to do and it might actually work. If we accomplish this we will know because we would see less bullying happen in Elm Place. We think this solution might actually work because it is an easy way to inform other students about bullying.

Solution 2: Anonymous Online Site to report bulling

This would be similar to a blog. This could be similar to a blog because then other students could post their bullying problems and we will be able to comment back. This blog could be shared on the Elm Place website. In this solution we will be able to help other students being bullied. They could tell us what is happening and we could give them advice of what they should do. The first step Elm Place will have to take is to create a blog. The second step would be to get a few students to be the ones who comment on the blog. The third step would be to spread the word about the blog. The fourth step and last would be to keep helping students over the year. The total cost for this solution would be approximately $0. This is because we could do it on a free website like wix or weebly. This solution is not violating any class policies or laws. This solution would be a great way to inform others about bullying and to help others being bullied stop getting bullied. This solution has a big chance to succeed and if it happens we will know because the blog would be very popular and many people would be asking for help. 

Solution 3: Anti Bullying Bands

Solution 4: Bullying becoming apart of Health class