Stand Up and Speak Out for Bullying

People Involved

Elm Place Principals

(left)Dr. Eric Olson, Principal, (right) Mrs. Vicki King, Associate Principal.
Dr. Olson and Mrs. King are a big part in project citizen. They help support our problem we are trying to solve.

Elm Place Middle School

Elm Place is a big part of project citizen. Why is is so important? Its because everything about project citizen happens here. The students and teachers who work on it go here. 

Mr. Hull

Mr. Hull (on the left) is a seventh grade social studies. He is the one, who organizes project citizen. He helps us choose a problem to solve. He also, helped everyone stay focused and work on what they had to work for this project.

7th Graders At Elm Place

The 7th graders at Elm Place are also a big part in project citizen. They are the ones who try to solve a problem. This year (2011) they have chosen to solve bullying. They all think bullying is a major problem at Elm Place and well it is. Bullying happens every where not only at Elm Place and the 7th graders are working to stop it.